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APFC Panel (Automatic Power Factor Correction)

An Automatic Power Factor Correction (Controller) panel is used to Save Energy by consistently maintaining higher power factor. Low Power Factor leads to poor power efficiency, thereby increasing the apparent power drawn from the distribution network. This results in overloading of Transformer, Bus bars, Switch gears, Cables and other distribution devices within the Industry or consumer area.  
With an APFC the energy producer can:

  • Avoid Penalization for lower power factor.
  • Enjoy incentives for higher power factor operation being extended to Industries by some Electricity Boards/ Companies.
  • Optimize the connected load for improved plant load factor.
  • Avoid manual disruption.
  • Avoid high current consumption losses.
  • Improvement in voltage regulation.
  • Decrease Maximum Demand KVA, thus avoiding penalty and Demand Charges.
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